Q – We are rather pleased past guests of Uniworld. We think their cruises are, based on our experience, the “boutique” kind of experience on the water that we prefer. We just learned of your site and thought we would run their newest ship, the River Orchid, past you. It only holds 60 guests, which is, perhaps, more boutique than we would wish. Is this a boat you are recommending?

A – Not particularly. The Royal Orchid is a lease job, a 60 passenger boat that is sailing the Mekong River itineraries for Uniworld, one of the fastest-growing areas of the world for the river boat experience, Vietnam has a vivid history, beautiful scenery, and rather well regarded cuisine. But the River Orchid might be a disappointment after your positive experiences with Uniworld’s product in Europe. The Orchid was launched just this year in the service of Uniworld and we would suggest a “wait and see” response. At this point, we would recommend that you consider AMA Waterways.