Q –   We have two children, ages 9 and 11. Our girls are great travelers and they are curious and we want to take them on a river cruise in April or May. They would have to miss school but, with the right program, I think that exploring the towns along the Rhine would be wonderful for my girls and my husband and I really need a break. But from everything we read, we’d love a river cruise, but this is a vacation for AARP subscribers?  Is there anything close to what I am looking for – including adjoining cabins. The thought of the four of us sharing one of those Monk cells on a river boat turns me off. Thanks.  I’m really interested in what the girls might be able to do to make this a special trip and we would be eternally grateful. 

A –  What you want exists. So run, don’t walk, and contact someone special to set this up. We want you to travel in May – always avoid April on the Rhine. The ship you want is AMA Waterways  AmaViola. THis beautiful river boat was designed for AMA’s growing partnership with Adventures By Disney. The boat does have adjoining cabins – perfect for your family. There are all sorts of Disney-style activities for the kids led by on-board Adventure Guides. Think alpine rail toboggan rides, a visit to a Black Forest farm where the kids  make butter and eat schnitzel and Black Forest Cake. Then there are canal boats in the Strasbourg area, canoeing on the Ile River, and horseback riding in the Alsace region. Other port stops include  French macaroon-making class for the kids and visits tot he Volkwagen and Porsche museums.

Perhaps best of all, you are certainly guaranteed to have other kids on-board as these sailings will be heavily booked. There will be a Junior Adventurers table in the dining room, so you and your husband will be able to enjoy dinner most evenings in the company of adults. We really appreciate your question because we find that most of the families we turn on to this new Disney River Cruise partnership with AMA are unaware that it existed.