Q –   Thank you for the best independent source of information on European River Cruises.  My wife and I have booked our 4th cruise for 1 Aug.  We have cruised with Uniworld (twice) and Viking and were happy with both lines.  In August we are scheduled with Tauck.  I expect we will not be disappointed with our choice this time either.

Every cruise is different, in both itinerary as well as service and passengers.  The reason we chose Tauck this time is their great reputation, and the promise of tours that go beyond the norm for the industry.

I happened on your site as I was researching for our upcoming Rhine and Moselle trip.  I wish I had discovered it before the last 3 cruises.  Not that we would have changed out cruise line or itinerary, but because we would have better understood some of the hiccups along the way.  Our first cruise ended one lock short of Basel, so we were bused to our final destination because of a labor issue with the lock operators (we were told).  On our third cruise we had to bus around a low water level on the Rhine and switch ships.  That was handled very well, but it would have been more palatable had we been forewarned.

Your observations regarding Agent’s reluctance  to bring up the potential issues of high/low water issues is spot on.  As a former real estate Broker, I am very familiar with disclosing potential problems.  Up front discussions about the issue can allow travelers time to better understand the whys and live with the changes when required.

Thanks for your considerable time and effort in consumer education about river cruising.  Should be required reading for all Agents…. and consumers!

A  – Your accounts of your past river journeys reveal a real understanding of our industry and where we need to improve the way we communicate with consumers. You come across as an individual with an unusually forgiving attitude toward changes along the way. We thank you for sharing and for your kind words. We suspect you are going to have the background to allow you to fully appreciate Tauck and the way they approach their “guests”.