RB  CrystalRiverCruises  Rhine  AQ –  We are anxious to do the Classic Rhine Itinerary and we wonder if you expect Crystal to deliver on its promise to offer day sailing and more time in port in the evening? We are not at all concerned about the quality of the new company as we agree with your ratings that Crystal’s track record speaks volumes. Enjoy this site because you seem to filter out the moronic non-sequiturs and irrelevant nasty comments.

A –  We do expect Crystal to deliver on that promise. The itineraries are out and the books are open so the daytime cruising opportunities and the overnights are there for all to see. The Crystal Bach sailing on its maiden voyage on June 18th, 2017, will do an extended 14-night Rhine itinerary that includes  overnight stays in Amsterdam, Cologne, Ruedesheim, and Basel. The length of this itinerary, twice the time of classic Rhine cruises, allows for leisurely daytime sailing with more opportunities for sightseeing. The overnights allow for evening events and local dining options.

Crystal is designing its river boat product to appeal to a higher-end demographic that is retired and has the time and inclination to devote the necessary time to do Europe’s rivers justice. Crystal will be the most expensive option if only because it will always tend to offer the longest itineraries among its peers.