Q – I am very interested in taking a cruise along the Rhone next summer. I am looking carefully at Viking River and Uniworld, both of whom I hear are very good. Viking is, I realize, a lines that includes less but the ships are lovely. I am wondering about how many passengers they carry on average and how many crew each line employs to handle their guests. 

A – It depends, of course, on the specific boats. But based on their most popular designs, the Viking ships carry 190 guests (Longships) served by a crew of 50. Uniworld carries 157 guests served by a crew of 58. The lower crew number and thew additional 40 guests to be served, has a significant effect on bottom-line pricing along with the total inclusivness of the Uniworld product. Unless the cost difference comes out to be more than $400 per day, we would definitely recommend the Uniworld experience.