Viking Longships Aquavit Terrace

Q – Well congratulations, it looks like you have done your job and now I may have to sell my house, empty my 401 K, and tell the kids to pay me back their college tuition! We just returned from our first river cruise on Viking River and my wife absolutely loved it – so did I. River cruising is so tranquil, so warm and friendly, and you really do feel that you are silently sailing through the beating heart of Europe. This site convinced us to try the experience and we loved Viking’s combination of contemporary design, some drinks, a free shore excursion in every port, and pricing that actually comes out to less than a nice vacation in southern California. We’re absolutely hooked on the concept. So here is my question. Given our age and inclinations, we will be going on two or three river boat cruises a year into the foreseeable future, (We know we will be repeating itineraries but we are looking forward to trying identical itineraries with different lines). I think it might make good sense to get enrolled in the Frequent Flyer Program of the airline that serves most of the cities Riverboats sail from so we can begin to accumulate miles. Which airline would you choose going forward?

A – Lufthansa. For central European destinations they have excellent connections through Munich or Frankfurt. But that is a general answer – we would really need to know your gateway city to properly respond. Lufthansa is most involved with river boat lines.