Q – Great to have a site like this where we can feel we are sitting down with real experts. Don’t quite understand your business model, since the site has no ads and the advice is free, but you’re not worried so I won’t worry. Here’s the deal. My fiance (we’re in our late 30’s)and I want to see Europe from a boat. Budget is not a big issue, but we both work in the commodities markets and our life is hectic in the extreme. We want something truly romantic. We found an itinerary on the Viking Sun that seems interesting. We’re into walking, hiking, biking, and cuddling.

A – We think you should look into other options such as a small ship, high-end cruise. There are any number of potential issues but let us just bring up some of the major ones. You will be the youngest guests on board and a fair number of guests will be double your age. The dining room does not have tables for two. So you will be sharing tables each evening with new strangers you may not wish to meet. When you do get to bed you will notice that due tot he pre-fab construction of river boat cabins, the walls are quite thin. You will be able to hear voices from the cabin next door. You can have a King size bed but it will essentially be two twins with the Grand Canyon driopping down between you – not ideal for cuddling unless you or your your fiance is a circus performer.

Romanic is not what comes to mind in terms of this option. Skip it.