RB Avalon Tulips  A  No shipQ – We’ve met with our travel agent and she is recommending, knowing our love of gardening, that we ought to sail with Avalon on the “Tulips” itinerary next year. We imagine beautiful scenery and windmills along the route. Will we actually see the windmills? We have an allocated budget for this trip and I think that Tauck and Crystal are out of our league. Would love to know your thoughts about this itinerary given that we are not particularly well-traveled in Europe. We’re read every word on your site and we can’t thank you enough. 

Avalon Tulips of the Netherlands MapA – We thank you for spending time with us. The Netherlands are crisscrossed by rivers and the scenery along the route is generally pastoral and inspiring. Do not look for garden-inspired sightseeing – we don’t want you to be disappointed. Instead, the 8-Day Tulips of Holland cruise circles much of the country from Amsterdam taking in the tulip fields in northern Holland,the Zuider Zee, known for its black and white cows (don;t expect much from the cows – they are not particularly charismatic), tastes of Dutch cheese in Gouda (or you could save some money and go to Whole Foods), a harbor cruise in Rotterdam, and a shipyard visit in Lelystad. This is a rather laid back itinerary, enjoyable, and best seen in April-May when the tulips are at their best. And, yes, you will see windmills. Avalon is a good affordable choice. In terms of thinking this one through we would suggest that you ask one big question: “Do we want to do one country in depth or would we be happier with a taste of several countries and their cultures?”