Q –  While we keep hearing that riverboats are designed for a “mature” traveler, we are a bit more active than most and we would never want to begin a day without working out or, better still, having yoga classes to attend. We would want to do that before galloping around these European towns on our own. We also appreciate really fine wines – not what passes for “fine wine” on some of the large cruise ships. My wife has taken numerous wine classes and we would never want to dine on the ship without some adequate even superior wine options.  I suppose if we could be served wine while we were doing yoga poses that would be ideal – but, look, we’re realistic. We just want to have what we want to have. Is there any river boat line that you think wouldn’t turn us off?

A – Based on your question – we’re not sure. But your best bet is likely to be Crystal.They have a well-appointed small Spa as well as a dedicated Fitness Director (not at all common on river boats) who leads daily fitness and yoga classes. So check box one. Crystal also employs wine sommeliers on each of their boats and they are pouring some inclusive wines of note. Crystal is the go-to line for those who appreciate five-star hotel and restaurant services. They are the top-rated river boat brand for any number of reasons and your question helps identify two of them.