rb-scenic-jade-cat-bd-cabinQ –  We are about ready to pull the trigger on a sailing on the Scenic Jade. This will be our first river cruise and we are a bit anxious about prison-cell size rooms. There is one Royal Suite still available and I am wondering if you think we should spend the money for it given that we will be off the ship each day.  My wife has some claustrophobia issues but we’ve done two cruises with Oceania in Penthouse cabins and they were more than fine. Also want to find out if the top deck is really a “necessity”. We both work but we are not, I suspect, in the same financial category as your average client. Looking forward to assimilating with the Aussies. Thanks so much for all your incredible content. I wonder where you get it? Would you consider taking us on as clients?  We’re in our early forties and live in St. Louis. I am, by the way, a private investigator and I’ve checked you out.

A –  Given what you have described and, wishing to avoid further “investigation”, we are going to suggest that you not spend the money for the Royal or Royal Panorama Suites. Riverboats are not claustrophobic because the rivers are so petite and you are in sight of land at all times. This is very different than being out in the open ocean. We would recommend a Category BD at 225 square feet. This is considered by Scenic as a Deluxe Balcony stateroom and it will more than meet your needs.

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